Thursday, June 26, 2014

Montana and Wyoming and oops ... I forgot

We've been in Montana the last couple days.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at the University of Montana, Museum of the Rockies.  I believe it has the largest collection of Dinosaurs in the world.  The museum was filled with Dinosaurs and excellent exhibits.  I highly recommend it.  We also visited an old friend about a half mile away.

After lunch in the 5'er in the parking lot of The Museum of the Rockies, we took a walk to another museum just down the road.  It was the American Computer and Robotics museum which may sound geekish but it was also quite informative and the exhibits were well done.  A couple years ago I was contacted by this museum and asked if I would sell them our life size Robby the Robot at a discount.  We gave them a good deal on Robby and we also donated several animated robots I built from scratch for display in their museum.   It was an honor to see how they were used in the museum as it was filled with rare items donated from many dozens of famous people. 

Today we drove into Wyoming through some severe thunderstorms with tornadoes in the vicinity.  These beautiful wide open spaces with rolling hills allow you to see for miles.  Cattle country.  

And the big oops for today .... news that I should have known but "forgot" is it's our 32nd Wedding Anniversary.  Being on the road, time just kind of runs together.  I mean, this seems like a pretty logical excuse, doesn't it?   Only one of us didn't forget and I got a nice card and a Dan Akroyd DVD from her.  I guess I better just shut up and grab a bottle of wine and put the Dan Akroyd DVD on for us to enjoy.

You can tell we're not in the Yukon any longer
We should be in South Dakota tomorrow and will spend several days playing tourist.

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