Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Stowaway and the Cat

This morning once again the cat was persistent in waking us up at 5am.  Meowing, getting in my face and just being a pain.   When I finally got up she was intently staring between the grate where the furnace ducts are.  She's been doing this the past couple days and we thought it was because she relates the noise from this area to mean when she heard it her spot over the heater on the floor would warm up.  That's what we assumed.

Then while pouring my coffee I noticed that one of the peaches in the bowl on the kitchen table had two bites chewed out of them.  Even though everyone knows cats don't like peaches, we still blamed the poor cat for chewing on it AND getting on the kitchen table.  Not that we could do anything about it but the poor cat got the blame.

As we were taking down camp this morning, I went into the lower areas in the garage area to retrieve my grease gun.  Much to my surprise a mouse jumped out at me and ran up into the upper garage and into a passageway to the trailer !  All of a sudden we realized we were blaming the cat for the antics of this mouse.  After completely emptying the contents of the garage (under storage area) and banging on walls, there was nothing else we could do but wait until we found a hardware store and buy some mouse traps.

When we got to our destination later in the day, Yvonne heard some noise under our sink so we opened up the door and heard a noise in our trash basket.  Upon pulling it out we noticed a panicked mouse jumping but slipping down, trying to escape the trash can. I quickly grabbed the bag and closed it up and then took it outside to the trash.  All while the cat slept.  Great mouser she turned out to be.  At least we found the stowaway.

Looks like a certain cat is in for extra cat treats tonight

Headed toward Jasper National Park in Canada and should be there in a couple days.

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